Telogis Delivers Results.

We can help you maximize your investment specifically to meet the challenges of your business – environmental, safety, fuel management, reporting – and we give you all the answers you need to sell it up (and down) the line.

Telogis offers you all the fleet manager tools you’ll need from GPS industry white papers to ROI calculators. For more on how we can respond to your specific situation, contact us today.

Asset Security

According to the National Association of Fleet Administrators, over 90% of companies have take-home fleet vehicles. How can you feel... read more

Automated Compliance

Staying compliant with DOT requirements is a high priority for both drivers and fleet managers. Failure to comply can result... read more

Better Productivity

Telogis can help improve driver productivity by two additional hours per day. read more

Business Transformation

Business transformation is about taking in the big picture. Understanding your business as a single entity. Telogis telematics can provide... read more

Driver Safety

While risk is unavoidable when you own vehicles, minimizing your exposure and protecting people and assets is critical. Telogis increases... read more

Flexible Hardware

Whether you’re working with black boxes for vehicles and high-value assets, mobile devices or laptops for direct personnel communication, nothing... read more

Fuel Savings

On average, Telogis customers have reported experiencing a 10-15% reduction of their annual fuel bill. read more

Improved Profitability

Telogis telematics software can help you uncover hidden costs while revealing potential for greater productivity and efficiency. In fact, most... read more

Rapid Deployment

Get Telogis-ready hardware built-in on selected trucks, vans and cranes from the following manufacturers. Add new assets to your existing... read more

Reduced Insurance

Speeding tickets and other moving violations are a costly expense towards owning and operating a fleet. A single ticket can... read more

Social Responsibility

Taking care of your brand is an important part of making sure you stay profitable and stick around as a... read more