Business Intelligence at your finger tips.

Yes, it’s that easy.

The Telogis Dashboard is your single source for critical information and performance for any size fleet. This powerful tool gives you a global overview of your fleet’s status as well as summaries of recent activity so you can better manage your business with greater intelligence resulting in increased productivity and profits.

Telogis Dashboard GPS BI Dashboard

Better informed. More intelligent decisions.

The Telogis Dashboard makes it easy for you to quickly analyze large amounts of data. The custom hierarchy levels allow you to see very detailed information for your entire fleet and with only a few clicks, drill down to a specific vehicle.

Scales for the enterprise.

The product is uniquely designed to scale with growing fleets numbering in the tens of thousands. By clicking on the color-coded dashboard, you can easily drill down to get details, root causes and more for effective decision-making.

Customized to fit your business model.

The Telogis Dashboard is configurable by industry and includes customizable KPIs that monitor fleet and operational performance, such as:

  • Business Intelligence Dashboard Fuel efficiency
  • Idle time
  • Total miles
  • Late departure
  • Early arrival
  • Excessive speeding
  • Maintenance
  • Main and pony engine on
  • Boom out of cradle
  • And more…

Compare different regions of your business through trend analysis.

A graphical representation of how your business metrics are trending is an additional capability of the Telogis Dashboard. You decide which key metrics are important to your business and the dashboard is customized to fit your needs right down to the custom hierarchy levels.

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