Reduce your pain at the pump.

Identify fuel theft, unauthorized fueling and excess consumption.

Fuel Management Vehicle Data Can you easily identify irregularities in fuel usage?

Fleet Economy Can you effectively manage your fuel budget or control purchases?

Reduce Theft Can you minimize opportunities for fuel theft?

Know more, save more, with integrated fuel card transactions

Provide your fleet managers with unparalleled access to a wealth of information – information that can trim your fuel bill by thousands! Analyze all fuel card transaction data within your Telogis fleet management solution to easily analyze trends, opportunities, misuse or maintenance issues that require attention.

Telogis Fleet already saves customers up to 15% on fuel costs – now you can save even more with the Telogis Universal Premium FleetCard.

Are your fuel costs higher than they should be?

Often it's hard to tell but with Telogis fuel management tools you can check fuel purchases against available vehicle data such as expected or historical MPG and fuel tank capacity. Irregularities may indicate suspicious activity, uneconomical driving or the need for vehicle servicing.

Telogis solutions such as Fleet and Progression can be used in tandem to analyze additional areas where fuel use may be excessive including route non-compliance, harsh braking or acceleration and speeding.

How much control do you have over fuel purchases?

Fuel is often one of the biggest fleet operating expenses – it pays to make sure you're always in control. The Telogis Universal Premium FleetCard not only gives you access to over 160,000 fueling locations and fuel card discounts with volume and network rebates* but also makes it simple to regain control of fuel purchases. Role-based controls, purchase levels and restrictions on certain merchant control codes to limit fraud opportunities and enforce usage guidelines.

Powerful, yet flexible, fuel management reporting

Produce a range of insightful reports such as mileage reports by asset type to minimize tax exposure for non-taxable fuel consumption, lists of suspicious fuel card purchases or fuel purchase details.

Customize reports to suit your specific business needs and schedule them to automatically email. Large fleets with thousands of vehicles are easily supported on powerful, web-based servers.

Get the Telogis Platform advantage

Fuel Management Devices
  • Reduction in excess fueling
  • Minimize fuel shrinkage
  • Dashboard visibility
  • Promote responsible fuel card use
  • Seamless integration with fuel card providers
  • Optimize fuel purchases based on company criteria
  • Real-time visibility into fleet fuel consumption and MPG performance

*To qualify for the rebate, purchases must be made with the Universal Premium FleetCard MasterCard® and the account must be in good standing. Not valid on aviation, bulk fuel, propane or natural gas purchases. Volume rebates are based on the number of gallons purchased monthly and will be calculated on the gallons pumped at Level 3 sites. Unleaded and diesel grade fuels are included. The Fuelman Discount Network is a selected group of fuel locations that allow cardholders additional savings and benefits. For a list of participating sites, visit