Enthusiastically Green - Your new ability to cut emissions (and costs)

Eliminate unnecessary idle time and driving.

Every extra mile costs. Not just fuel, man-hours and engine wear, but by adding CO2 and other GHG (greenhouse gases) to the air, known to contribute to climate change.

Legislation requires many fleets to provide baseline data, ongoing collection and record-keeping of GHG outputs, so it’s important to know your current emissions footprint, set and track green fleet initiatives, and be able to evaluate your progress towards eco-friendly trucking.

It's time for Telogis.

Plug into our global platform and know your carbon footprint, measure progress on green metrics. Know what every vehicle in your fleet is doing. In real-time, 24/7, on a single dashboard. Expect optimum routing and asset deployment. Enjoy constant communication with your drivers, who’ll appreciate voice prompted navigation with custom GIS overlays. Telogis makes your fleet more efficient, your scheduling a snap and your operation more productive - as well as environmentally responsible.

Calculate your potential CO2 reductions on our GPS ROI calculator.

Keeping your Fleet Green with Telogis

Ecofriendly Trucking

  • Improve response times
  • Eliminate after-hours use
  • Cut idling by more than 25%
  • Ensure emissions compliance
  • Reduce out-of-route miles by 30%
  • Monitor and improve driver behavior
  • Reduce speeding for better fuel economy
  • Maintain vehicles to extend asset longevity
  • Deploy the right skill-set in the most efficient vehicle

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