Are Your Customers Happy?

Telogis helps improve and maintain customer service and satisfaction, which is essential to setting yourself apart from the competition. In fact, it is a key factor in winning and retaining business.

Better serve your customers

Telogis gives you the tools to improve your customer service. Real-time vehicle tracking permits you to see delivery status and driver/vehicle location at all times.

“With Telogis Fleet, we were suddenly given the ability to determine the exact location of our distribution vehicles at all times. This has allowed us to respond more quickly to customer calls regarding delivery times, which has helped increase customer satisfaction significantly.” – A New Mexico Publishing Company

Cusomer Service Representative

Serve more customers in less time

Telogis puts you in better communication with your fleet giving you the ability to re-route drivers at a moment's notice.

Faster customer inquiry response

With Telogis, you know the real-time status and location of each customer's delivery, allowing you to respond more quickly and knowledgably to customer inquiries.

Delivery confirmation

Telogis Fleet reports can serve as electronic delivery confirmation notices for both you and your customers. These notices are easily forwarded to give your customers real-time satisfaction. Satisfied customers consistently cite their ability to document delivery and drive-time details as an invaluable customer service feature.