Driver safety is only as good as your real-time data and driver scorecards

While risk is unavoidable when you own vehicles, minimizing your exposure and protecting people and assets is critical. Telogis increases the effectiveness of your fleet safety program at every touch point.

Driver Operations

  • Speeding is always a safety concern

    Telogis Fleet alerts you when any vehicle violates the thresholds you set, including speeding against posted speed limits.

  • Hard braking is an indicator of driver behavior

    Telogis Coach measures hard braking events and sends alerts to key stakeholders in the safety program.

  • Engine Off/On is critical when loading and offloading hazardous cargo

    Telogis Fleet monitors engine status in real time, 24/7.

  • Lost drivers are preoccupied drivers

    Telogis Navigation features customized last-mile routing, preferred yard approach, lane guidance, truck legal routes and turn-by-turn directions.

  • Late drivers tend to skip safety checklists

    Telogis WorkPlan ensures that they don't with walk-around smart codes to digitally complete DVIRs (Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports).

  • Tired drivers raise your risk and liability

    Telogis WorkPlan automatically tracks DOT HOS (Hours of Service), plus sleeper and driving events.

  • Over-scheduled drivers can be lost and late as well as tired

    Telogis Route optimizes your workforce as well as your fleet.

Vehicle Maintenance

  • Under maintained engines can seize. Telogis Fleet sends alerts ahead of time to help you meet your regular preventative maintenance schedules.
  • Under-maintained vehicles present many safety hazards from loose bolts to worn brakes. Telogis Fleet stores a maintenance schedule and record for every vehicle, helping you plan ahead as well as to set, measure and review your safety benchmarks.
“Telogis Fleet has finally given us the ability to monitor our driver’s safety at all times and I feel comfortable working with Telogis staff.”
– ITL, Bulk fuel distribution company