Are your drivers and vehicles underutilized?

Telogis can help improve driver productivity by two additional hours per day.

How do you know if your drivers are underutilized? Are they working a full eight hour day for eight hours pay?

Telogis keeps your fleet at work, which means more jobs and more revenue.

“After installing Telogis Fleet, we were able to increase service jobs from 5 to 8 jobs a day, offering a significant increase to our bottom line.”
-Fire Extinguisher Service Company

Efficient Truck

Optimizing fleet performance requires measurement tools

Telogis provides detailed Daily Summary Reports that offer a high-level overview of your fleet’s activity for the day, week, month, or year.

No more excuses, just the facts

With Telogis, your employees' productivity will increase because employees now know that Telogis Fleet will inform you of exactly where their vehicles have been, when they arrived, and how long they have been there.

Quantifying drive times helps employers to supervise their fleets and employees to stay focused, motivated, and responsible.