Are you wasting fuel due to excessive idling, speeding and drive time?

On average, Telogis customers have reported experiencing a 10-15% reduction of their annual fuel bill.

Fuel Management Devices

Telogis Saves You Money

With today's fuel prices at record highs, every hour your drivers spend driving (and idling) on the road ends up costing you cash. Every hour a diesel truck idles, it burns approximately one gallon of fuel.

Reduce Excessive Idling

  • Decreased number of routes and vehicles required
  • Detailed reports record each minute your trucks unnecessarily idle

Reduce Speeding

  • According to the Department of Energy, aggressive driving wastes fuel
  • On the highway, every 5 mph driven over 65 mph represents a 7% decrease in fuel economy
  • Know exactly how fast each of your drivers is driving to save you money through lowered fuel consumption and reduced risk

Optimized Routing

  • Fewer miles driven means less fuel and maintenance

Automated Alerts

  • Set up the business rules and receive automated alerts when your drivers are not in compliance