Paying Too Much in Overtime?

Telogis helps significantly reduce driver overtime hours

Paying your employees too much overtime is a huge burden for any business. Every hour of overtime means less profit for your company.

Night Trucker If you are managing a fleet of remote employees or drivers, how can you reduce overtime and inefficiencies when you cannot be there to supervise?

The invisible supervisor

Telogis Fleet provides you an informed look at the historical performance of your drivers and fleet.This real time access to your fleet's data will help you improve planning and reduce overtime and unauthorized vehicle use. You will be able to monitor, measure, and analyze fleet, driver, and employee performance 24-hours a day, and assure yourself that your team members give their best effort at all times.

Greater efficiency equals greater productivity

With Telogis Fleet, you will know exactly when your drivers start their shifts, where they are, how many stops they have made, and what time they have completed their deliveries.

Telogis solutions give you the ability to re-route drivers to save valuable fuel and time.