Rapid Return on Investment.

Reduce fuel consumption with Telogis Fleet.

Idling a diesel truck for an hour burns approximately one gallon of fuel. A recent Telogis study shows that by measuring vehicle idle activity and providing driver feedback you can reduce idle time by as much as 50% using Telogis Fleet1.

Average idle time per vehicle was reduced by 49% during the trial.

Applied to 3,000 vehicles, the company is saving over 950,000 gallons of fuel each year. In addition, it's eliminating nearly 20 million pounds of CO2 emissions2.

Carbon Reduction
The reduction in carbon dioxide emissions for the entire fleet was calculated.

Improve efficiency with Telogis Route.

Inefficient routing wastes man-hours, fuel and reduces customer service goodwill. A recent Telogis study showed a 20% reduction in mileage and a corresponding 24% reduction in driver hours using Telogis Route.

Routing Reduction
The customer saw a significant reduction in weekly miles driven and the time to complete the routes. As a result, Telogis was able to calculate a time savings benefit (drivers and management) and mileage/fuel savings3.

The $210 resulting monthly benefit per vehicle is projected to generate a 477% internal rate of return for a 3-year ROI of 690% — based on better routing alone. The ROI analysis also showed a payback period of 4 months along with a substantial Net Present Value. Similar results are being realized at other locations as part of a division-wide rollout. It all proves that Telogis pays for itself — fast!

ROI Amount

The company anticipates additional positive bottom-line impacts from better driver safety compliance, improved MPG and other benefits that are less obvious.

See Positive ROI in 90-120 days.

From planning through implementation, integration and training, we're dedicated to your results, your ROI — and your bottom line.

Telogis Impact


  • Fuel: idling, inefficient routes, shrinkage, theft
  • Labor: hours, overtime, headcount
  • Paperwork
  • At-risk Driving
  • Theft and Fraud
  • Inappropriate Fuel Taxes
  • Costs for Maintenance, Insurance and Communications


  • Service Window Accuracy
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Timecard Accuracy
  • Productivity
  • Revenue

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1. Telogis Fleet Case Study – Utility Company. Details on request.
2. U. S. Environmental Protection Agency Office of Transportation and Air Quality
3. Telogis Fleet Case Study – Service Company. Details on request.