How open is our open platform?

Every day, you do business with a lot of different service providers and suppliers. It can get even more challenging when there’s nothing that connects them.

Telogis offers mobile workforces a simpler, more connected way of doing business.

Our extensive range of exclusive partnerships, shared services, compatible hardware and data integrations makes our software solutions work a whole lot better with the partners, service providers and suppliers in your ecosystem.


Built-in solutions offer significant advantages over aftermarket. Richer data, better compatibility, less downtime and faster deployment – adding telematics to your fleet is as simple as activating your new vehicles and equipment online.


Telogis provides you with an open platform that uses standard protocols, allowing you to securely connect third-party software and services such as payroll and CRM solutions, fuel cards or leasing programs.


Mobile workforce management depends heavily on accurate, reliable map data. Choose from multiple map providers who offer industry-specific data and the most up-to-date location information for better mobile resource management.


Cellular or satellite connectivity is an integral part of bringing your mobile workforce and back-office systems together. Telogis works with several different carriers to help you manage costs, coverage and data plans for even the most remote workers and assets.


Telogis works with a wide range of hardware suppliers from a lot of different industries, for a lot of different uses. Don’t get locked into expensive, unsuitable or legacy hardware – choose the best fit to match your specific requirements and let us take care of the rest.

Mobile devices

The benefits of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) are now a reality for today’s fleets with a range of Telogis solutions purpose-built for the most popular handheld smartphones and tablets. Use your iPhone, iPad or Android device for a growing range of apps including navigation, training and management tools.