You might not know it, but you’ll find Telogis all around you.

Your local plumber uses Telogis to stay on top of his workload.

Your cellphone carrier uses Telogis to better respond to customer call-outs.

Your next Ford purchase might already come with Telogis installed.

Moment to moment, from all around the world, millions of points of data flood through our systems. Local businesses with a single vehicle and fleets with tens of thousands of vehicles.

These businesses use Telogis to manage the day and schedule workforces over multiple continents. They use it to improve their fuel efficiency and safety record, and plan for the months and years ahead.

Handling millions of points of data every second, in real-time, is hard work.

Designing software that can connect a company's telematics, driver behaviour, job dispatch, territories, planning, scheduling, and existing systems into one place is hard work.

Enabling companies to manage everything from the day-to-day to five-year forecasts is hard work.

Making it all work seamlessly is the hardest of all.

That’s why no one in the industry offers a solution as comprehensive and powerful as ours. Because it’s hard work, and you need the right people to do it.

Businesses choose Telogis because we solve the hard problems, so that you can harvest the benefits.

Learn how American Advanced Construction use Telogis to maintain their vehicle fleet, crane barges and marine equipment.

Safer Vehicles

Safer, more efficient driving means less miles, less fuel and less downtime.

Field Productivity

Connect remote workers for effective work order management.

Asset Tracking

Boost ROI with better utilization, improved security and maintenance.

Our OEM partners mean you can have your new vehicles with built-in telematics, saving downtime and installation costs.

Mixed fleets are fine too. Our hardware-independent platform gives you the freedom to choose the right GPS equipment for a variety of tracked assets.

Telogis ranks as #1 innovation company

by ABI Research’s Commercial Telematics Competitive Assessment 2014

Enterprise dashboard

Telogis' intuitive dashboard brings your business' KPIs to your fingertips. Actionable data for all levels of operation and customised to your company objectives.

Less downtime, more business

Telogis gives you all the tools you need to get a clearer picture of what is happening in your business. Save thousands with improved maintenance monitoring, mobile forms for paperless paperwork and smarter navigation between jobs.

Weather and traffic

View real-time weather data such as hurricane paths or rain storms and plan your vehicle routing and worker deployment accordingly. Ideal for industries, such as utilities, required to mobilize in extreme weather or coordinate field workers during storms.

"First, we saw a reduction in fuel usage, which helps offset the rising cost of fuel, as well as reducing our carbon footprint. We also saw a positive change in driver behavior. Drivers were less likely to speed, deviate from routes, or misuse equipment."
- Jim Orr, Vice President, Asplundh Tree Expert Company

"Our business is incredibly competitive, and improving our logistics, saving fuel and increasing our productivity is invaluable, and the best part is I get to sleep a little bit better at night."
- Dee Burch, President of Advanced American Construction

Tools for the mobile worker

Effective driver coaching

Criticism can be hard to take (or give) so poor driving habits often get overlooked, increasing the risk of workplace injuries or worse. Don’t wait for a costly accident before you take action. Telogis Coach saves managers time, providing immediate feedback direct to drivers based on their actual performance.

Real-time job feedback

You'll know exactly what's happening, where and why with real-time updates on the color-coded Job Gantt chart. It's the ideal way to manage customer work orders proactively and keep staff productive.

Supervisors who manage behind the wheel not a desk

Designed for managers on the go, Telogis Supervisor allows managers to instantly locate or contact crew, or find the nearest fleet vehicle, using their iPhone, iPad or Android device.

"Trucking company Schneider National uses Telogis software to see whether drivers are braking too hard or heading into an area with a high risk of theft. The company uses that data not only to discipline drivers, but also to reward those with top safety records."
- Don Osterberg, Senior VP of Safety, Schneider

"There are lot of things we can do with the solution that will save us and our customers a lot of money and aggravation."
- Tony Cornwell, Operations Manager, Lampson International

Why Telogis?

Smart. Supportive. Experienced.

Lean on us to handle even the most complicated implementations. Tight integration between support, QA and engineering means the best people are solving whatever hard problems you have.

Flexible GPS Hardware

Hardware agnostic means you get to choose what's best for your business. And our global reach means we can help you setup tracking around the world including the Americas, Asia Pacific and Europe.

Enterprise API Integration

Our XML-based open architecture and ready-to-use APIs allow you to build a complete end-to-end enterprise solution. From fuel cards to payroll, supply chain to insurance, or asset and document management.

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