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You’re here to see what telematics can do for your business. We’re ready to surprise you. Not just with software that gives you unparalleled flexibility, customization and control over your fleet, but with experience and support to ensure that your expectations are met, your ROI realized and your customers happier. If you don’t see your industry here – or if you’re in a unique niche – don’t hesitate to contact or call us at 1-866-TELOGIS.

Cable & Telecom

You need to deliver on every promise, make every service window smaller and still make a profit. With extensive APIs,... read more


When you’re managing mobile crews, multiple work sites and a lot of equipment it can be easy to lose track... read more


Your service is delivery but your business is fleet management, and wasted miles represent fuel, man hours and customer goodwill.... read more

Field Services

Telogis for Field Service is a complete web-based software solution designed specifically for the field service industry. read more

Fleet Leasing

Telogis gives you the location, direction and speed of everything in your fleet at your fingertips, on one dashboard. Fleet... read more

Food & Beverage

Couple that with a real-time dashboard that shows you the location of every truck, its metrics and its driver productivity,... read more


Agencies need a simplified development environment without having to invest in additional GIS resources. Take your existing GIS data (ESRI... read more

Heavy Equipment

Something as big and expensive as a crane or hoist should be tracked 24/7. It should have a sensor to... read more


The more you know, the closer you can tailor your policies, the better for you and your customers. When it... read more


Whether they're speeding, hard braking or accelerating too fast, alert your drivers in real time, every time, and you empower... read more

Oil & Gas

Whether they're speeding, hard braking or accelerating too fast, alert your drivers in real time, every time, and you empower... read more


You need a telematics partner that is committed to lowering your fuel and maintenance costs while improving driver safety and... read more


When you have the location and status of every vehicle, prioritized data automatically delivered to the right managers, and optimized... read more

Waste Management

Your commercial and roll-off customers don’t care what fleet management platform you use – until they get missed. read more

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