Build a better way to manage your fleet.

For safer worksites and more productive heavy equipment.

Improve asset utilization

Maintenance scheduling

Resource planning

Time on site

Job costing tools

Safe driving features

Real-time alerts

Built-in OEM available

AEMP compatible

Accurate usage reports

GPS Tracking – Because you can’t be Everywhere at Once

Construction Cranes

When you’re managing mobile crews, multiple work sites and a lot of equipment it can be easy to lose track of what’s happening. GPS tracking puts you back in control, improving productivity, minimizing downtime and making your assets and work sites more secure. It’s your eyes and ears when you’re not around.

Strategic and tactical planning is made easier when you know exactly what assets you have, where they’re based and what jobs need to be done. Telogis can provide a smart decision engine that allows you to know who to assign to a job, the most economical route to take and the most profitable workflow.

Heavy equipment tracking for better ROI

Heavy Construction Equipment GPS Tracking

Whether it's bulldozers, diggers, forklifts, loaders, graders or crawlers, your construction equipment represents a huge investment in your business. Maximize that investment by adding Telogis Heavy Equipment tracking supported by robust IP67 GPS hardware, all tracking on a single system that integrates with AEM/AEMP and deliver real-time reports on engine hours, idle time, theft, unauthorized use or maintenance alerts.

And because it's web-based, you have instant access to your entire fleet's operations using a simple internet connection - no software to install, no upgrades, no problem!

Improved Work Site Compliance

On any construction site there’ll be compliance issues you need to observe – restricted access areas, noise ordinances and hours of operation. How can you make sure all your crews are complying with work site policies, avoiding infringements, shut downs or the ire of the neighbors? With Telogis you can easily monitor start and stop times, worker activity or equipment use and receive instant alerts for any exceptions.

Better Supervision for Increased Productivity

Crews are often more productive when supervisors are on-site. With the Co-Location report you’ll be able to monitor how much time supervisors are spending at the work site, as well as keeping an eye on excessive congregating.

Keep your Sites and Equipment Secure

Work sites are always popular targets for thieves. With GPS asset tracking you can monitor any exceptions in real-time, whether it’s unauthorized use, restricted access or a stolen asset. It doesn’t matter whether your equipment is old or new, non-powered or even outside the cellular network, asset tracking can prevent misuse and, in the event of theft, assets can be recovered faster, saving you downtime and insurance costs.

Real, Attainable ROI and Powerful Reporting

Construction Crews
  • All assets viewed and tracked on a single screen
  • Assign and route workers to job sites with improved efficiency
  • Satellite imagery means you can monitor access around construction sites and route to visual landmarks that are ‘off the map’
  • Rugged GPS hardware to cope with harsh environments
  • Use a ‘What happened here’ feature to easily refute false damage claims
  • Eliminate fuel card fraud with automated reconciliation reports
  • Sensor data: engines, booms, vehicle metrics, more
  • Real-time alerts: out-of-route and off-hours, idling, mileage, more
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