Every wasted mile hurts.

Better routing impacts everything.

Improve driver utilization

Optimize delivery routes

Accurate, real-time ETAs

Maintenance scheduling

Delivery order management

Resource capacity planning

Operate across time zones

Delivery costing tools

Safe driving features

ETA notifications

Your service is delivery but your business is fleet management, and wasted miles represent fuel, man hours and customer goodwill. Imagine creating optimum routes for every vehicle, rerouting instantly for traffic and weather, and watching everything in real-time.

“At today’s cost per mile exceeding $2, Telogis helped Namasco achieve a significant cost savings in the first year Telogis Fleet was deployed.” – Len Stark, Namasco Corporation’s Director of Technical Services. Read the Namasco Case Study

Imagine the impact on your customers. And your bottom line.

Telogis Route, working with Telogis Fleet, is your answer. Telogis Route reduces miles driven, while Telogis Fleet shows you every truck in real-time while it tracks the metrics you need to measure. Together, they make your drivers more efficient, your scheduling a snap, your TOD (Time Of Delivery) a breeze – and your entire courier service more productive.

Courier What you need now:

  • Real-time locations
  • Real-time delivery tracking
  • More accurate delivery times
  • Optimized routes
  • Real-time alerts: out-of-route and off-hours, idling, speeding, mileage, fuel use, start and end time, progress against planned routes, more

How Telogis helped Albuquerque Publishing Company

Albuquerque Publishing Company (APC) is a leading provider of newspaper advertising sales, production, printing, circulation, and distribution for The Albuquerque Journal and The Albuquerque Tribune. It is the largest publishing company in the state of New Mexico.

After extensive evaluation of several GPS tracking products, APC turned to Telogis Fleet, a complete GPS fleet tracking, productivity and management software system from Telogis… Read more

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