Delivery Scheduling Software

Achieve new levels of delivery speed and efficiency.

Improve driver utilization

Optimize delivery routes

Accurate, real-time ETAs

Maintenance scheduling

Delivery order management

Resource capacity planning

Operate across time zones

Delivery costing tools

Safe driving features

ETA notifications

Your service is delivery but you need a fleet management system that can handle the logistics of your growing business. Create optimized routes for every vehicle, updating routes quickly for changing traffic and weather conditions, and managing everything in real time.

“Customers really want a consistent experience.” With Telogis we can meet customer preferences while still being efficient. – Aaron Peele, Door to Door Organics.

Automate Delivery Route Optimization and Territory Planning

Telogis route planning and optimization tools allow you to efficiently balance driver workloads, optimize routes and improve delivery address accuracy.

But it's more than just long term planning - Telogis has the tools to tweak tomorrow's deliveries or handle disruptions on the day. Or look back at past performance to discover opportunities for efficiency gains.

Courier Smarter Delivery Fleet Management

  • Real-time locations
  • Real-time delivery tracking
  • More accurate delivery times
  • Optimized routes
  • Real-time alerts: out-of-route and off-hours, idling, speeding, mileage, fuel use, start and end time, progress against planned routes, more

“The drivers love it. It makes everything easier. They don’t have to search for all of those addresses. It’s been a night and day difference for them.” – Mike Hogan, Chief Information Officer, Super Shuttle. Read More

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