Utilities – Electric Cooperatives

Measurable Fleet Activities How measurable and transparent are your fleet’s activities?

Coordinate with other Fleets How easy is it to coordinate with other co-ops?

Fast Response Times How quickly can technicians be dispatched to outages?

Rural Electric Cooperatives are an integral part of the vital power network that provides electricity to millions of households. Telogis provides fleet management solutions that help you successfully face the challenge of maintaining a reliable electricity supply to your customers.

Integration with critical systems

Whether it’s your dispatch software, Outage Management System or Computer Information System, Telogis communicates seamlessly with your back office systems. Spend less time worrying about data issues and more time looking after your customers. Increase the ROI of your existing technology investments by implementing and integrating the leading telematics solution for the Utilities industry. Telogis Fleet is MultiSpeak compliant and fully integrated with Milsoft’s DisSpatch® Outage Management System.

Milsoft Partner NRECA Member Multispeak 4 Interoperable

Improved service standards mean shorter outages

Onscreen dashboards give managers a complete overview of their entire fleet, making it easy to dispatch the closest capable driver to an outage.

Vehicle and worker attributes make sure that the correct vehicle is sent, avoiding the unnecessary cost of sending extra workers and larger vehicles when they’re not required.

Accurate information on things such as estimated time of arrival is provided to dispatchers to help them keep customers informed with status updates.

Eliminate wasted miles with customized map data

Customized Map Data

Electric co-ops often operate in remote rural areas where street numbers are few and far between. Unique to Telogis, customers can overlay their GIS data within Telogis Fleet.

This functionality is crucial to technicians, especially in emergency, storm, and incident response, where location of critical infrastructure may be off the road network or otherwise difficult to find.

This means vehicles can be routed directly to custom points of interest, and land markers such as a specific power pylon or along privately-owned roads.

Helping co-ops co-operate

Working with other cooperatives is one of the 7 principles that underscore how co-ops function, also known as the Rochdale Principles.

Telogis Live allows organizations to give controlled and secure viewing of specific fleet vehicles to another Telogis Fleet customer when a coordinated emergency response is necessary. This means co-ops can work together effectively, knowing where another co-op’s fleet drivers are at any given moment, where they have been and how far away from their next destination they are, all in real-time.

Reduce maintenance costs without compromising safety

Accurate vehicle monitoring means services are not performed just on a historical mileage basis. Vehicle Sensor Data, such as boom usage, PTO, low-battery alert and other inputs gives fleet managers up-to-the-minute alerts on parts that require replacing or items that need attention. Proactive maintenance keeps downtime and breakdowns to a minimum, while avoiding costly or unnecessary vehicle servicing.

Improve accountability and transparency of fleet operations

Find Nearest Vehicle Vehicles enabled with Telogis Fleet make accountability a cinch. Telogis can record and store all vehicle activities securely, making it easy to audit and account for vehicle usage, miles traveled, and work done. Member owners will have peace of mind that their monthly fees are being used responsibly, improving customer satisfaction and increasing dividends paid.

With Telogis Fleet, you can verify your record of reliable service. Easily check service confirmations or counter phony damage claims against your vehicles.

The result is more

  • Accountability and compliance
  • Safety and fuel savings
  • Productivity and data driven decisions

Utility Truck Show your community colors

Telogis Fleet helps your co-op fleet turn green with advanced route optimization, excess idling monitoring, and carbon emissions statistics to fulfill your environmental responsibilities.

Let your members know that you use co-op funds and assets responsibly with Telogis Fleet, which helps you monitor and manage any unauthorized usage.

Show that you have gone the extra mile to provide the fastest outage response times possible by utilizing GPS tracking to dispatch and direct the nearest vehicle to fix any loss of service.

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