One platform, all agencies.

All the tools you need to manage your mobile workforce in real time, while meeting your compliance requirements.

Improve asset utilization

Optimize daily routes

Accurate, real-time ETAs

Maintenance scheduling

Custom compliance checklists

Historical 'what happened here'

GIS data custom map layers

Liability management

Safe driving features

Built-in OEM available

Safer Drivers. Managed Liability.

Safety is paramount. Initiatives need to promote transparency and accountability. Telogis has the experience and software know-how to help you achieve new levels of safety - both for your workforce and the public.

Safety features monitor both driver behavior and vehicle health, to minimize downtime and accident risk, while reducing your exposure to liability claims. Accurate reporting provides clear evidence of action taken, with 'what happened here' tools to easily recreate events and provide valuable training opportunities.

Government VehicleMultiple Layers. One Map.

Show custom GIS data, satellite imagery, public domain and commercial data as usable map layers without having to deploy dozens of servers or GIS browser plug-ins. Dynamic content feeds are supported including traffic, weather, and other spatially indexed information.

Flexible GIS Data Management

Take your existing GIS data (e.g. ESRI Shapefile, MapInfo MID/MIF, Autodesk DXF) into mobile and high volume transaction environments.

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