Fleet Leasing

Protect your assets, maximize ROI and provide value-added services, such as compliance and navigation tools, for your clients.

Improve asset utilization

Optimize route planning

Vehicle cost analysis

Maintenance scheduling

DOT compliance checklists

Historical 'what happened here'

Operate across time zones

Real-time alerts

Safe driving features

Built-in OEM available

GPS track all leased vehicles, around the clock. Location, speed, driver behavior and vehicle health. Offer optimized routing, turn-by-turn navigation and automated maintenance alerts based on actual diagnostic data.

Compliance and cost-saving features can be offered to clients including HOS,IFTA or DVIRs.

Fleet leasing telematics that works for your clients

Vehicle fleet leasing
  • Compliance services
  • SAP certification
  • API options for system-wide integration
  • IFTA fuel tax savings
  • Meet green fleet targets
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