Food & Beverage Delivery Fleet Management

Stay profitable by making better use of your drivers, vehicles and depots, while meeting tough time windows, supply chain integrity and stringent compliance requirements such as HACCP.

Improve asset utilization

Optimize delivery routes

Accurate, real-time ETAs

Maintenance scheduling

Delivery order management

Resource capacity planning

Cargo sensors

On-premise navigation

Safe driving features

ETA notifications

Optimize delivery truck routing

As your business grows, so does the complexity of your routes. More stops, more customers, more drivers and more products. With millions of different possible route combinations, you need advanced route planning software that understands the specific costs and constraints of your business. Get optimized routes that reduce miles while improving service levels.


Door to Door Organics is an e-grocer delivering all-natural and organic produce direct to customers. With just smartphones for their drivers and Telogis WorkPlan they were able to add thousands of new customers while keeping routes driven to a minimum.

It's allowed them to keep the customer experience consistent and simple, while improving their own operating efficiency and responsiveness to challenges faced by drivers.

What's happening in your fleet - right now?

A real-time web dashboard that shows you the location of every truck, vehicle health and driver status metrics and its driver productivity, and suddenly you have new control over your business. Guaranteed to keep the food and beverage manager happy.

“…the difference is ‘night and day.’” Steve Provenzano, VP of Logistics, Pro’s Ranch Markets.
Vehicle mechanical health is monitored, traffic violations are minimized and delivery times more reliable.
Read the full case study.

Improve asset utilization

If you've got trucks sitting idle, too many deadhead miles or empty depots then you're missing revenue opportunities. Telogis fleet management software can identify under-utilized assets, route planning can improve load capacity and ETA tools help improve the throughput of goods at your depots.

It means more efficient use of the resources you have and a much better return on high value assets.

Loading food and beverage supplies Improve the accuracy of your food & beverage deliveries

  • Optimize for multiple vehicles and drivers
  • Verify customer location address accuracy
  • Real-time location of every delivery truck
  • Easily keep delivery targets and tight time windows
  • Cope with busy seasons with advanced capacity planning tools
  • Minimize perishable food wastage with integrated cargo sensors
  • Instant, optimal routes that comply with business constraints
  • Real-time alerts for a range of situations including out-of-route, unnecessary idling, speeding and vehicle performance
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