Usage-Based Plans with Insurance Telematics

The more you know, the more tailored your insurance policies become. Reduce exposure and offer discounted premiums to customers.

Custom location markers

Web-based reports

Improve vehicle recovery

OEM options available

Custom alerts

Historical 'what happened here'

Multiple languages and time zones

Accurate risk assessment

Safe driving features

Mobile SMS alerts

Telogis alerts you to driving characteristics and other vehicle parameters, pinpointing locations, speeds, mileage and other safety metrics for hundreds or thousands of vehicles. On one dashboard. In real time.

Working with one of America’s largest insurance companies

The Telogis platform is being used by Liberty Mutual, one of America’s largest insurance companies, to deliver massive savings to approved customers based on safe driving records. It also allows Liberty Mutual to offer customers an intelligent fleet management dashboard, providing a unique selling point that differentiates Liberty Mutual in the marketplace. Fleets can qualify for an immediate discount of up to 15% with a participating insurance carrier when buying a commercial auto policy. Safe driving discounts of up to 40% off participating carrier rates are available with subsequent policy renewals. Learn more about Onboard Advisor, powered by Telogis.

Protect every vehicle with more than a policy.

Know when it’s been abused and don’t let it disappear. Telogis fleet solutions provide tracking and alerts for behaviors such as hard braking, moving violations and speeding. It can help eliminate false and/or exaggerated claims. Visibility gives you a handle on your operations.

Reward your best customers. Protect your customer’s family or business.

With Telogis onboard, speeding and vehicle use are matters of record. When compliance is required, performance can be confirmed and driver safety improves.

Insurance Enterprise-grade, scalable vehicle location software

  • Improved risk selection – loss prevention/ risk mitigation
  • Added value to customer
  • Greater customer retention
  • Report on agents and adjusters activities
  • Quicker time to market
  • Competitive solutions with minimal development
  • Seamless integration
  • Personal lines solution that track mileage, engine data and improve stolen vehicle recovery
  • Commercial lines solution with a wide range of metrics available including driver behavior, speeding and HOS
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