Make every day a safer day.

Make in-cab alerts into wake-up calls for hazardous habits.

Whether they're speeding, hard braking or accelerating too fast, alert your drivers in real time, every time, and you empower them to improve. You define safety by setting parameters, and Telogis will get drivers to watch their Ps & Qs – starting with their seatbelts.

Curb aggressive driving and keep safety in sight.

Instant feedback will relax a jackrabbit and slow down a leadfoot. This tested technology is proven effective at quickly course-correcting driver behavior. And knowing that each time a driver is notified and those totals appear on their Driver Scorecards (including Total Miles) further reinforces positive change in your drivers – and your metrics.

See ROI in 90 days. Or less.

While Telogis for Oil & Gas transforms your drivers, it can do the same for business. Each vehicle is safer, because you can locate it or post a protective geofence whenever it's parked. Idling and off-road mileage are captured automatically, the first for a clearer picture of each driver, the second for all the fuel usage tax credits you're due. Bring us your KPIs for quality, compliance, loss recovery and maintenance, and let us show you how Telogis can be key to meeting them.

Oil Gas WorkersTelogis for Oil & Gas is:

  • A full fleet management toolbox that includes routing with weather and traffic optimization, find-nearest-dispatch tools, two-way messaging, and multi-input reports
  • The way to track your trucks; store all driver, vehicle, and customer information; provide improved customer service; and get a real-time view of how your fleet is running
  • The only mobile resource management suite built on a single SaaS (software as a service) platform
  • Reliable, comprehensive and designed for the demands of O&G
Access the Summit Energy success story
Operating in the often harsh and remote environment of rural North Dakota, Summit Energy stay efficient, profitable and safe across their fleet of over 4,000 serviced vehicles. Find out how.
Summit Energy Customer Case Study