Smaller service windows. Bigger Profits.

Reduce gallons, miles and man-hours. Automatically.

More service calls Is your routing instant and optimum?

Eliminate side jobs Have you eliminated side jobs?

Real time vehicle tracking alerts Do your customers trust your ETAs?

Every wasted mile is a wasted opportunity.

It represents fuel, time and customer goodwill. Imagine if you could instantly create optimum routes, weeks in advance, for every vehicle, and watch them all in real-time.

Imagine what that could do for your customers.

Telogis Route, working with Telogis Fleet, is your one-two punch. Telogis Route plans routes, and re-plans to accommodate daily changes, meaning you can make more service calls in a day. Telogis Fleet is the secure, data-driven GPS system that shows you actual truck activity. Together, they make your drivers more efficient, your frequency scheduling a snap – and your entire extermination business more productive.

Pest control fleet management Design Your Ideal Dashboard:

  • Real-time locations
  • Optimized routes to match your service & frequency windows
  • Real-time alerts: out-of-route and off-hours driving, idling, speeding, mileage, fuel use, start and end time, progress against planned routes and more
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If you're shopping for a fleet management solution this independent research from ABI will give you a valuable overview of telematics providers in North America today.
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