Utility fleet management & enterprise dashboard

Improve asset utilization

Custom safety alerts

Idle management

Maintenance scheduling

Custom compliance forms

Safe driving features

Enterprise dashboard

Define custom sites

Third-party shared views

Reduce outage time

A full set of mobile solutions to improve your fleet operations.

When you have the location and status of every vehicle, prioritized data automatically delivered to the right managers and optimized routing, you can get more from your fleet and allow your operations functions to improve response times. Manage your full fleet on a single screen, then drill-down to vehicle history detail with boom activity on a single truck. Optimize routes and resources.

The result is more accountability and compliance, safety and fuel savings, productivity and better purchase decisions.

Summit Energy relies on a completely mobile and decentralized workforce spread out across an expansive and sometimes treacherous region. It’s not an easy to run operation, but they’ve been immensely successful. Find out how they reduced idling by 75%.

Routing and Navigation

Telogis Route and Telogis Fleet both have routing capability to meet the needs of your dispatch and work order process. Optimize multiple stops with the Telogis Route planning tools, or optimize a single route with Telogis Fleet. Communicate routes to drivers with multiple communication tools, including electronic download to laptops, hand-held devices and route cards.

Maintain Productivity

Managing remote or mobile workers can pose a unique challenge but by using Telogis MRM software, utilities are able to maximize the productivity of equipment and crews, from the start of the workday to the end. This includes features such as smarter scheduling, improved asset utilization that can help with capacity planning and the ability to turn huge volumes of location data into actionable operation plans, as part of an essential decision-making process.

Storm Response

Telogis enables organizations to view vehicles from a number of operators’ fleets on a single screen. This is particularly useful for situations such as disaster response, so that utilities can clearly see the locations of multiple vendors’ vehicles, to accurately track and manage resources from a single interface. Locating the nearest proper vehicle type and dispatching it with navigation.

Vehicle attributes are searchable and dispatch can quickly issue new destinations direct to drivers.

More Features for Utilities

  • Be part of the Telogis network

    As a utility, you often need to work closely with other utilities or 3rd-party service providers such as tree maintenance crews. When you and organizations you work with use Telogis Live you become part of the ever-growing Telogis network. Being part of the network provides you with some automatic efficiency gains and enhanced fleet management, such as storm response scenarios. It means saving time and being the partner of choice for others in your industry.

  • Tracking multiple assets with one application

    Telogis Fleet allows you to manage the location and efficiency of vehicles and non-licensed assets, including generators, tankers, construction equipment and a host of other types of assets. Tracking mechanisms includes cellular and satellite data communications. Custom hardware solutions are available.

  • Vehicle-as-a-Hub (VaaH)

    The intelligent vehicle seamlessly connects all of its functions – location, engine data, jobs, inventory, upfitted equipment, etc. – with your in-place systems, including work order management, storm response, HR and ERP. Telogis hardware and software allows you to integrate the intelligent vehicle with your key organizational functions.

  • Worker safety

    It’s vital that remote workers are safe to avoid injury and company liability. GPS fleet tracking can monitor safe driving habits, insurance accident claims or rescue responses are all actively monitored and managed in real-time, enhancing the safety of your crew and the general public, not to mention minimizing running costs and frivolous lawsuits.

  • GIS data

    Telogis Layers is a powerful tool to allow in-office and mobile workers to import and view your GIS files in a customizable way. Integrate your maps, satellite view, work orders and utility assets into one view.

  • Work Order Management (WOM) integration

    Telogis integrates with Work Order Management and Outage Management Software via flexible and powerful APIs.

Deployed lines worker using utility fleet management Fleet Metrics At a Glance:

  • Driver Scorecard: hard braking, idle time, out of route driving, speeding against posted speed limit
  • Vehicle Sensor Data: boom usage, PTO, low-battery alert and other sensor data
  • Operations: fuel cost, carbon footprint reduction, driver safety, work zone alerts, arrival / departure metrics
  • Executive Dashboard / Business Intelligence: fleet efficiencies, utilization trends, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Fleet Management: actual miles, hours and optimization metrics
Download the Summit Energy Case Study
Download the case study to learn how they reduced idling by 75% and what else they've done to amaze their customers and reduce operational costs.
Summit Energy Customer Case Study