Telogis Fleet is a web-based software solution that gives your business total visibility on your fleet.

But it’s more than just real-time GPS tracking using in-vehicle hardware and handheld devices. Telogis offers a complete enterprise solution, covering every aspect of fleet management to drive down costs and help you manage your fleet like a star.

Track - Locate money leaks and service failures - GPS units capture important data, such as idle time, route history, speed and mileage to build an accurate picture for each vehicle costs and worker performance.

Manage - Fleet Dashboard to stay in control - Access GPS data from any computer with an internet connection and get everything you need from overall fleet trends to detailed data on a specific tracked asset so you can manage your fleet in real-time, any time.

Review - Analyze performance with stored GPS data - Historical GPS data is valuable business information and can help you make better data-driven decisions about a range of fleet operations including vehicle purchases, customer routes, worker scheduling and safety. Customize and schedule reports to automatically email key staff to promote positive change.

Plan - Use data to plan for a more profitable future - Using what it knows about your fleet costs Telogis Route can help you make profitable decisions about future growth, workload balancing, frequency scheduling and territory planning based on what’s most important to your business.

What Our Customers Say

ITL Fueling Southern California

"Telogis Fleet is one of the few products we have ever purchased where we get the full benefit of all of its features."
- Jeff Irvin, President of ITL Inc.

All Valley Environmental

"We can do speed checks to make sure they are obeying the posted speed limits, and we know if they go off route," ... "The system was very user friendly, and the Telogis sales representative was extremely helpful,"
- Mike Ledieff, General Manager of All Valley Environmental