How will the NN4D shutdown affect developers?

When Nokia shutdown, or sunset (as described by one spokesperson), NAVTEQ’s developer division (NN4D) there were questions about the future of developing using NAVTEQ’s map data. NAVTEQ is one of the world’s largest digital map suppliers and spawned a significant amount of custom location-based development through its active NN4D developer network.

With the entire division being shutdown many developers are concerned their applications will be unsupported and future development using NAVTEQ map data will lack the technical assistance they enjoyed with NN4D.

Is there a future for developers using NAVTEQ map data?

NAVTEQ map data still a going concern

Despite the closure of the NN4D developer network, NAVTEQ (now owned by Nokia) will continue to be a leading provider of map data around the globe. A recent deal with Russian search giant Yandex underscores that NAVTEQ map data is a strong player as a supplier of location data. Yandex joins other search engines, Bing and Yahoo, that use NAVTEQ map data to power their location-based applications.

NAVTEQ is also used by a huge range of specialist industries, from transport and logistics to wireless consumer devices and vehicle manufacturers, with recent statistics showing it is used on around 45 million devices.

There is no doubt that NAVTEQ as a company and its field of supplying map data has a strong and progressive future. Unfortunately for NN4D, NAVTEQ’s own developer network, they were shutdown, and for some in the industry, this wasn’t a huge surprise with Nokia having its own developer network and the connection between Nokia, NAVTEQ, and Microsoft Bing creating uncertainty and confusion, both internally and externally. While this is not great news for the team at NN4D, we are confident their skills will be picked up by other companies in the LBS niche.

What options do developers who were part of the NN4D network have? Will they be able to continue developing on a platform supporting NAVTEQ map data?

Full NAVTEQ map functionality and support available for developers

NAVTEQ’s rich map data is fully utilized by Telogis GeoBase, the popular mapping SDK used by hundreds of developers and commercial applications around the word.

Telogis GeoBase developers are part of the GeoZone, an active community of developers and Telogis technical staff, based in the US and New Zealand, who provide a supportive environment for developers and users. Anyone can register for a free trial and join in one of the many discussions on the developer forum.

NAVTEQ provides GeoZone members with sample map data for many regions around the world, as well as truck restrictions data (delivered in the NAVTEQ Transport™ product) for the United States.

Telogis provides NAVTEQ map data in GeoBase File Format (GBFS) for over 60 countries, and the list is growing. Additionally, Telogis GeoBase takes full advantage of the rich list of attributes contained within the base road network data such as speed limit, road class, lane count, toll ways, ramps, and much more. Telogis GeoBase also provides fleet tracking and transportation companies with advanced routing, route optimization and navigation functionalities through the full support of NAVTEQ Transport™ data and NAVTEQ Traffic services.

Telogis is committed to supporting developers using NAVTEQ map data, assisting with any application development that previously turned to the NN4D network for help.

Register today and get started with Telogis GeoBase and NAVTEQ map data.

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