Case Studies

Check out some of our recent media coverage to learn how companies in a wide range of industries are benefiting from the Telogis Platform.

Advanced American Construction Industry: Civil/Marine Construction Advanced American Construction
“Telogis is revolutionising the way we manage our vehicle fleet, crane barges and the rest of our marine equipment. The Telogis platform is flexible and easy to manage; they're the best system out there.” – Dee Burch, President
Door to Door Organics Industry: Delivery Door to Door Organics
“Our existing software could not keep up with the demand of our business ... [Now] we can see how our drivers are progressing in real time and respond to challenges quickly.” – Peter Tighe, Director of Operations
Summit Energy Industry: Oilfield Services Summit Energy
“...[superintendents] can actually see where their guys are, and coordinate and distribute it, whereas in the past we were relying on cell phones and calling back and forth ‘where you at, where you at?’ One glance at [the software display] and you know where they’re at.” – Travis Edwards, Operations Manager
GRITIT Industry: Field Services GRITIT
“We work from 6pm to 6am, so are an ‘unseen service’, therefore it is critical that we can track and manage our operatives on site and have the ability to guarantee to our customers that the services they requested have been completed.” – Brendon Petsch, IT Director
Surveying And Mapping, Inc. Industry: Land Surveying Surveying And Mapping, Inc.
“We have the ability to get there and rapidly deploy a large number of people and resources, and focus on the work we do best: surveying.” – Ken Utley, Field Operations Manager
SuperShuttle Industry: Airport Shuttle Services SuperShuttle
“If you can imagine being at an airport, and four people walk up to the van saying, 'Here's my address,' that can be a bit of a challenge.” – Mike Hogan, Chief Information Officer
All Valley Environmental Industry: Biodiesel Recycling All Valley Environmental
“The drivers know that they're in the system and will be held accountable for their efficiency and their time on the road.” – Mike Ledieff, General Manager
Lampson International Industry: Tower Crane Rental Lampson International
“There are lot of things we can do with the solution that will save us and our customers a lot of money and aggravation.” – Tony Cornwell, Operations Manager
Wiregrass Electric Cooperative Industry: Rural Electric Cooperative Wiregrass Electric Cooperative
“If we have an outage, I can immediately look and see who is the closest to the problem, and dispatch them accordingly.” – Larry Galloway, Service Manager
Pro’s Ranch Markets Industry: Supermarket Grocery Chain Pro’s Ranch Markets
Grocery chain improves efficiency and driver accountability through user-friendly logistics support.
ITL Industry: Oil & Gas ITL
Fuel transportation company monitors, measures and rewards safe driving through real-time tracking.
Pro’s Ranch Markets Industry: Publishing Albuquerque Publishing Company
Publishing company delivers exceptional customer service while improving business processes and operating efficiencies.