Telogis Integration can offer your enterprise a seamless telematics solution, boosting your ROI by integrating location intelligence with the rest of your business model. Telogis has an open platform that can enable virtually any plan.

Easily enable interaction with other software

All Telogis solutions adhere to an XML-based open architecture. This allows Application Programming Interface (API) calls to be used for easy integration of Telogis Fleet, Telogis Route, & Telogis Mobile into customers’ other systems.

From fuel cards to payroll, supply chain to insurance, asset management to document management, Telogis APIs can be integrated to add transparency, accuracy and value to enterprise business applications.

Benefit from using APIs

There are literally thousands of different scenarios where you can benefit from using APIs for automated data integration. Two examples Telogis has seen many times include:


Example Routing Scenario

You are using Telogis Route to plan the schedule for all drivers. All of the delivery information – name, location, time windows, time on site – is stored in your ERP system. An API allows you to push all of the delivery information into Telogis Route to create optimized routes. The API will then allow you to integrate this information back into the ERP system for customer notification, invoicing, etc.


Example Dispatching Scenario

You are using a 3rd party dispatch solution which contains its own work order management (WOM) system. An API will allow you to pull the current vehicle location data from the Telogis Fleet system into your WOM system to track progress in order completion.

Seamless user experience

Telogis Data Exchange is a development kit that unifies APIs across the whole Telogis ecosystem: it gives you one point of communication with a diverse range of Telogis products.

In addition, TDE offers you technology choices to fit the challenges and changing needs of your organization.

API Type Function
Templates Text and CSV files Empowers your advanced users to retrieve and input data across simple virtual tables
REST API Streamlined JSON Maximizes browser-based use, limited bandwidth, and easy data retrievals and updates
SOAP API Full standard XML Excels at integrating your Telogis assets with your enterprise applications and third-party services
Data Feed HTTP-requested XML Enables real-time listening and automated response to your live stream of mobile reports and Insight Alerts