Work order system that connects with your back office software and keeps your mobile workforce safe, compliant and efficient using a web-based platform.

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Government regulations are part of doing business and if you don't have the right tools your company can quickly find itself in hot water. CSA 2010 introduced additional federal mandates including DVIR and HOS requirements. You can make it easy on yourself by getting your team using Telogis WorkPlan. It easily helps to automate your compliance processes, reducing your workload and minimizing fines and violations. All this while allowing you to focus on something more profitable at the same time.

Get Compliant

Improve worker safety

Mobile workers face more dangers than most and employers need to take steps to minimize costly accidents. From preventive driver coaching to providing access to a panic button, mobile phone control and GPS tracking in isolated locations, Telogis offers the right tools to help workers help themselves, and be able to alert the back office when they need help.

Safety First

Take the work out of Work Order Management

Keeping teams in the field at their most productive is easy with prioritized work orders. Scheduled jobs are provided direct to the worker’s handheld device at the start of their shift.

Prioritize jobs based on:

Jobs can be automatically marked as completed on departure and custom forms can be completed onsite for immediate upload to back-office systems.

It all means less windshield time for teams outside the office, fewer miles, more productive time on the clock and better customer service. It’s the one WOM tool that keeps everyone happy.

Get The Job Done

Simplify record-keeping with custom forms

It’s never easy getting your teams to keep their paperwork up-to-date but it’s crucial to the smooth running of your operation. Whether it’s reporting for internal management, keeping your job history accurate, updating customer records or government compliance, leave the automation process to us, improving the accuracy and timing of required paperwork. And by reducing the paperwork burden on your drivers you improve retention, creating a happier work environment.

Automate Today

Keep managers informed

Managing remote workers presents its own challenges for supervisors. The larger the crew the harder it is. With Telogis Supervisor, managers can see at a glance the location and current status of their crew, with quick links to make contact when needed. It helps managers allocate resources more effectively, sending the nearest worker to a new job, or knowing where your team is in relation to key locations.

Stay in the Know

Make driver coaching easier

Criticism can be hard to take (and give) which means poor driving habits can get overlooked, increasing the risk of workplace injuries or worse. Don’t wait for a costly accident before you take action. Telogis Coach saves managers time, providing immediate feedback direct to drivers based on their actual performance, offering helpful suggestions on ways to improve their safety scores. A leaderboard feature even allows drivers to compete with co-workers to be the safest driver in the team.

Drive Safer

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