Give your drivers DOT-compliant commercial GPS truck routing software that can be customized to meet the needs of every work order and kept up-to-date by the largest community of professional drivers in North America.

Telogis Navigation

Telogis is changing the way truck drivers navigate the world-wide road network with Telogis Navigation. This advanced in-cab navigation companion features a large moving map format and a simple to use touch screen interface that lets drivers do what they do best: drive their trucks to their final destination while avoiding dead-end streets, dangerous U-turns, and truck restrictions.

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Telogis Navigation is the only real-time, SaaS solution that leverages the industry’s best-in-class routing, chosen by the nation’s largest long haul fleets, with the most up-to-date truck specific dynamic road network. As a result, Telogis Navigation realizes significant cost savings from the reduction of accidents alone.

Improve the driver experience

Navigation User Experience

Telogis Navigation provides highly interactive on-board navigation with text-to-speech directions, graphical maneuver indicators and optimal map views. Features such as Route Preview and Safety View offer users alternative options for viewing route information. It also features real-world highway signage for a more realistic driver experience.

Driver safety is also enhanced with status alerts for speed, weather, traffic, terrain, sharp turns and other critical safety-related events. It also gives drivers a clear vision of complex maneuvers so they can safely negotiate freeway/highway exits, interchanges and junctions.

Polygon Yard Creation

Add your own route customization

Telogis Navigation gives you the tools to customize and manage your fleet routing. Options include customizing route preferences in real time, viewing past road network changes, adding custom points of interest, road modifiers and polygon yard creation, as well as the ability to review routes and usage report generation.

Active Dispatch View

Dispatch integration

Telogis Navigation has an optional dispatch screen that can be set up to display a driver’s current dispatch stops, integrated with your existing fleet management system. Once added, dispatch stops can be selected by drivers as their next destination.

Driver Feedback

Feedback from over 140,000 users

Even with the best algorithms and latest map data, there's always room for improvement. In a changing environment it's good to know that Telogis Navigation uses feedback from more than 140,000 drivers to improve the accuracy of the road network. All feedback is reviewed and confirmed, including product suggestions, route advice, low bridges or new truck attributes.

Get more than just legal truck routes

Optimized legal truck routes

It isn’t enough to know whether a road is STAA approved; it's also important to know if a road might be windy, have no shoulder, is narrow, 2-way or poorly lit. All of these factors, collected from Telogis map data or user feedback, may cause a modifier to be placed on a road segment. This means it is less likely to be suggested as a route unless it is absolutely necessary or too costly to avoid.

You can also use other modifiers such as fuel data, POIs, customer information, unique map data or operating costs, to influence route selection.

Combine the best of both worlds

Hybrid Location Search

Telogis Navigation takes advantage of the best of on-board (in-cab device) and off-board (accessed over the internet) technologies. Combining the speed and reliability of on-board computing with the unlimited power, customizability and dynamic data of off-board severs. Telogis’ proprietary cost-based routing algorithms are the most sophisticated and accurate on the market.

Unlike most other routing engines in the industry, which incorporate a hierarchical structure and typically achieve an 85% accuracy rate, the Telogis cost-based multivariate algorithm enjoys a 99% success rate. Our weighting mechanism “prioritizes” roads based on user-specific parameters (e.g. driver preferences) and real-time, server-side information (e.g. inclement weather or road closures) to determine the best and easiest route.

Feature Highlights

Custom Navigation

Using the most up-to-date data in the industry, you can generate truck-specific directions based specifically on your own fleet preferences and location details.

Driver Community

Telogis Navigation receives and verifies real-time road network feedback from an active community of over 140,000 professional drivers.

Best of Both Worlds

Telogis Navigation combines the speed and reliability of on-board computing with the unlimited power, customization and dynamic data of off-board servers.

Back-Office Tools

Use the provided tools to customize and manage your fleet navigation, such as customizing your road network or updating your routing preferences in real time.

Dispatch Integration

Telogis Navigation offers an optional, integrated dispatch screen that can be used to display a driver’s current dispatch stops.

Safer Drivers

Customers report a 30% reduction in accidents. Safe and legal turn-by-turn directions right to the final destination reduce driver stress and improve safety.

Drive Fewer Miles

With an average 10% reduction in out of route miles, Telogis Navigation users enjoy fuel savings, fewer accidents and smarter routing for improved ROI.

Dynamic Data

Because the roads, weather, traffic and fuel prices change daily, you need a responsive navigation solution that provides the most up-to-date route information.

Android Compatible

Reduce training time and improve adoption. Telogis Navigation allows drivers to use their own Android phone or tablet, minimizing hardware and support costs.

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