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More features. More flexibility.

  • Mobile friendly

    Works on most popular mobile devices, minimizing hardware and IT costs while improving user adoption.

  • Real-world views

    Realistic map views closely match actual road view and highway signs to improve safety and minimize distraction.

  • Road modifiers

    Influence the routes suggested to your drivers by adding modifiers to road segments or discouraging left turns.

  • Truck legal routes

    Route vehicles using STAA-approved roads based on the vehicle’s size, weight and load type e.g. HAZMAT.

  • Spoken directions

    Drivers get spoken turn-by-turn directions so they can focus on the road ahead and upcoming maneuvers.

  • Smart autocomplete

    Entering new destinations is easier with smart autocomplete features that remember favorites and recent history.

  • Route feedback

    Drivers can use the built-in feedback feature to submit information about route quality, disruptions or emergencies.

  • Last-mile navigation

    Provide drivers accurate turn-by-turn directions right to the loading dock. Ideal for large private yards.

  • Fleet integration

    Easily set up all your drivers, vehicles and jobs by integrating with Telogis Fleet, part of the Telogis connected intelligence platform.

  • Nightmode

    Set the navigation screen to automatically switch to a color scheme that’s easier on the eyes in a dark cab.

  • Offline map data

    Offline map data means uninterrupted navigation even in remote locations where cellular coverage is limited.

  • Pinpoint accuracy

    Telogis’ sophisticated geocoding engine generates accurate destination points, not approximate guesses.

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