Responding quickly to changes in the field is only possible when you have a complete and up-to-the-minute view of your mobile workforce. Telogis offers a suite of dynamic response tools to help you achieve that.

Faster Response. Better Result.

Your mobile workforce is dynamic. Change is constant. Managers need to think fast and make decisions on the go. This often means a greater margin for error, which can lead to increased costs, accidents, missed appointments or a reduced level of customer service. It can also be an opportunity for the Telogis Dynamic Response Suite to provide your team with all the data they need to make the best possible decisions for teams out in the field, even when it's needed in a hurry.

Field service software that unites the whole team

Flexible view optionsTelogis Control Room offers a flexible yet powerful workforce management software solution. It's web-based so the whole team is seeing the same real-time view of your operations. It's powerful, including custom data layers such as nationwide weather, real-time traffic and driver updates across your entire fleet. It's visual, allowing you to quickly understand what's happening right now, and what action needs to be taken.

There’s no need to worry about information overload. We've perfected the art of distilling key action points from the deluge of data a mobile workforce creates. With some of our clients managing more than 60,000 moving assets across the globe it's a necessity. Our fleet management system offers smart features you’ll only find on the Telogis platform, including intelligent zooming and spatial clustering.

Compare the plan with what's actually happening in the field

Highlight performance gaps in real-time Telogis PvA (Plan vs. Actual) is workforce optimization software that identifies where your operations are not meeting the plan. Use real-time driver feedback to tweak today's plan and meet customer expectations for deliveries or job appointments. Use reports as part of an ongoing effort to optimize operations, reducing unnecessary miles or improving on-time deliveries.

For example, industry estimates state that up to 10% of commercial miles driven are unnecessary. With the average fleet vehicle traveling 50,000 miles and a per-mile cost of approximately $1.50, you could be saving $7,500 per vehicle every year.

Responsive dispatch management software

Telogis Dispatch allows your work order management to be flexible to what's happening in the field and the changing needs of your customers. Maybe a driver is sick, a vehicle has broken down or an urgent job has come up. Help your dispatchers make the best call on which driver to dispatch, with data on relevant costs, response time, vehicle attributes and distance.

Changes are automatically synchronized with Telogis Plan and mobile devices to keep your workforce on track and efficient, despite any disruption.

Take the estimating out of estimated arrival times

Keep customers up-to-date with service notifications about scheduled work, late drivers or completed jobs.

Telogis ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) is your key to successfully managing customer expectations without disrupting your drivers. Using up-to-the-minute positioning of your vehicles, current speed, traffic conditions and distance to destination, you can provide customers with real-time ETAs.

  • Improved coordination and delivery scheduling
  • Help depots improve traffic flow of incoming trucks
  • Provide automatic ETA updates
  • Alerts for specific milestones e.g. 15 minutes away.

More accurate and reliable ETAs offer significant benefits to you, the customer and other businesses you work with.

A Complete Set of Features

Job Clustering

Unique spatial clustering technology makes managing thousands of jobs simpler, more efficient and intuitive. Quickly drill into specific jobs.

Improve Route Compliance

Report on deviations from optimized routes. Improve service levels and worker productivity while reducing unnecessary travel costs.

Customer Notifications

Deliver outstanding customer service with custom alerts such as job completed, booked appointments, driver delayed or rescheduled work.

Real-time Alerts

Monitor key events that matter to your business and decide who should be alerted. Track just about anything, create custom workflows and alerts.

Live Traffic Routing

Route mobile workers using live traffic conditions to bypass congested roads. Reduce non-chargeable windshield time and improve delivery times.

Real-time Plan Monitoring

Measure, monitor and optimize your planning with real-time and historical Planned vs. Actual reporting. Get alerts for potential issues or resource conflicts.

Emergency Dispatch

Locate the closest capable technician and dispatch to an emergency job in seconds. Make sure no time is wasted sending the wrong crew.

ERP Software Integration

Use our industry standard APIs to integrate, customize or extend how Telogis connects with your ERP software, and automate your work order management.

Informed Dispatch & Satellite Imagery

The most current and comprehensive satellite imagery commercially available. Scope job requirements and access without a site visit.

Custom Job Types

Organize different job types by custom categories. Use color codes to make job monitoring easier and more meaningful, such as indicating urgency.

Meet Customer Preferences

Comply with job and customer preferences, such as vehicle and driver attributes and time windows. Make sure the right person is dispatched every time.

Territory Management Tools

Drivers, vehicles and depots can be assigned to time-zoned territories. Depots can be used as a central base for groups of jobs.

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