Telogis delivers results.

We can help you maximize your investment specifically to meet the challenges of your business – environmental, safety, fuel management, reporting – and we give you all the answers you need to sell it up (and down) the line.

Telogis offers you all the fleet manager tools you’ll need from GPS industry white papers to ROI calculators. For more on how we can respond to your specific situation, contact us today.

  • Asset Security

    Reduce unauthorized usage of company vehicles without your knowledge with Telogis fleet tracking software. 24 hour tracking gives more peace of mind.

  • Automated Compliance

    Learn about DOT Regulations Compliance and how to keep your fleet DOT compliant. Fleet safety inspections are streamlined with Telogis mobile

  • Better Productivity

    Learn how to keep fleet at work and improve fleet productivity by two hours per day with measurement tools by Telogis fleet management software

  • Business Transformation

    We can help you develop your business transformation strategy and take advantage of telematics to upgrade processes across your entire business.

  • Driver Safety

    Running a commercial fleet is risky. Let us help you minimize your exposure and help implement stringent safety programs to reduce accident expenses, which on average cost more than $60,000.

  • Flexible Hardware

    Learn how your GPS tracking equipment for vehicles and high-value assets can work faster and more easily with Telogis GPS tracking software

  • Fuel Savings

    How much is unnecessary idling, speeding and out-of-route miles adding to your fuel bill? Find out how you can minimize your fuel spend.

  • Improved Profitability

    Learn how Telogis fleet management software improves ROI in days by reducing fuel consumption & improving route efficiency

  • Rapid Deployment

    Roll-out telematics faster than ever before with OEM telematics from Telogis available on Ford, GM, Mack, Hino, Isuzu, Volvo Trucks and other popular makers

  • Reduced Insurance

    Telogis helps reduce driving violations and insurance premiums. Are you ready to cut fleet insurance costs?

  • Social Responsibility

    It's your name on the side of the truck so make sure it's saying the right thing. Careful, courteous drivers and well-maintained trucks minimizing carbon emissions are a positive boost for your brand.