Built-in telematics.
Better data from day one.

Get Telogis-ready hardware built-in on selected trucks, vans and cranes from the following manufacturers. Add new assets to your existing Telogis account to enjoy consistent reporting across a mixed fleet of old and new equipment.

A built-in telematics solution gives you richer diagnostic data, no installation downtime, capitalization tax benefits as well as warranty options backed by an extensive dealer network. A telematics turnkey solution to help drive down costs and improve safety right from the start.

  • No installation downtime
  • More in-depth vehicle metrics
  • Finance advantages
  • Factory warranty on hardware
  • Fast deployment
  • Immediate telematics benefits

Zero downtime, zero cost

Traditionally, switching to a fleet management GPS tracking solution involved considerable cost and time doing aftermarket installations on each asset. Replacement equipment had to be scheduled in and the costs cut into operating budgets. Telogis OEM solutions mean zero downtime and the cost is included as part of the original purchase price.

Activate online

New built-in assets are simply activated online as part of your Telogis Fleet account and start reporting immediately.