Hardware. So many options.

Whether you’re working with black boxes for vehicles and high-value assets, mobile devices or laptops for direct personnel communication, nothing works faster and more easily with your hardware than our fleet software.

Premium partnerships

Telogis' premium partnerships offer customers best-in-class technology with proven reliable components and network capabilities. Whether you are entering the location-based services market for the first time, have an existing telematics solution, or simply upgrading to current technology, Telogis works with customers to develop specific requirements and source the appropriate devices so you can get the best GPS tracking hardware and equipment to suit your business.

Telogis' premium partnerships

Telogis is hardware agnostic

Being hardware agnostic allows our customers to work with the hardware that best suits their needs, instead of being forced to purchase specific devices or replace existing hardware.


Fleet owners can choose to have Telogis-powered telematics hardware installed when pre-ordering selected Ford vehicles. Ford Telematics™ powered by Telogis® provides a factory-fit hardware option that is built-in by Ford engineers to give fleet managers access to exclusive diagnostic data.

GM OEM telematics

Available on the range of GM vehicles including GMC, Buick, Chevrolet and Cadillac that have factory-fit OnStar hardware. Telogis is GM's partner of choice to provide a one-of-a-kind telematics solution that provides actionable data to help control costs, increase safety and improve fleet operations.

Telogis is working with several manufacturers of medium to heavy-duty trucks to develop purpose-built telematics solutions that satisfy the specific needs of truck owners.

Standard Fit

Standard fit, as the name suggests, means telematics hardware is factory-installed as standard equipment on every vehicle.* It doesn't need to be ordered, installed or requested in advance - each vehicle automatically includes everything you need to start enjoying the benefits of fleet management from day one.

*Contact us for information on supported makes and models.

Global CraneSTAR Express is a crane OEM telematics solution powered by Telogis and offered by Manitowoc, a world leader in crane construction. The software provides valuable insights, including maintenance data, hours used, location and diagnostic data for operations and project managers, particularly in the heavy construction industry.