Reduce driving violations

Speeding tickets and other moving violations are a costly expense towards owning and operating a fleet. A single ticket can raise your insurance rates, and if your drivers receive more than one, those tickets could end up costing you thousands of dollars in higher premiums each year.

Reduce insurance premiums

History reports help validate your fleets' improved safety records, and can reduce insurance premiums up to 40%*. In addition, Telogis provides an effective means of tracking your vehicles if they are stolen. A higher recovery rate means reduced vehicle loss and insurance claim costs.

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Control the speed of your drivers

You will know the exact driving speed of your trucks at all times and immediately be alerted when any of your employees drive over the speed limit.

“Random speeding tickets were hitting us hard. And, if the cost wasn’t bad enough, the tickets were being issued in territories deemed as unauthorized for our employees. Telogis Fleet was just what we needed.” Landscaping company, California


Automatic alerts

Telogis Fleet enables you to create a set of business rules that alert you when any of your drivers exceed the speed limit, idle too long, or drive outside of their region.

When rules are broken, you are instantly alerted by phone, pager, or email, giving you the ability to correct any problems before they get out of hand.

* Eligible fleets can qualify for an immediate discount of up to 15% with a participating insurance carrier when buying a commercial auto policy. Safe driving discounts of up to 40% off participating carrier rates are available with subsequent policy renewals. Onboard Advisor is a safety-driven insurance program from Liberty Mutual Agency.