Fuel Tax Recovery Calculator

Fuel taxes collected (both state and federal) are intended to contribute towards maintenance of public roads. The IRS allows businesses to claim back the tax paid for fuel used in certain ways. You can use this fuel tax calculator to work out your expected refund based on the amount of fuel your fleet consumed for each of the activities listed below.

Telogis Fleet tracks many of these activities automatically and has prebuilt reports to make preparing your tax recovery claim quick and accurate.

Step 1: Select the state where you purchased your fuel

The rates shown below are cents per gallon, are correct as at April 2015 and provided by the American Petroleum Institute (API). The US EPA LUST tax of 0.1 cent has been deducted from the federal rates.

Step 2: Enter fuel consumed (in gallons) for the activities that apply to your fleet (enter only whole numbers e.g. 1200).

Federal & State Tax

The following activities are eligible for both federal and state fuel tax refunds. Refer to the IRS for more information on recovering federal fuel tax.

Gasoline (Gal.)

Diesel (Gal.)

Off-highway business useOff-highway business uses such as stationary equipment including generators and power saws. This does not include vehicles registered for highway use, which may be eligible for private road state tax credits (see below).
Refrigerated trucks and trailersThe refrigeration unit must be powered a separate motor. For units powered by the vehicle's driving engine see PTO use below.
APUsAuxiliary power units (APUs) e.g. generators
CleaningFuel used for cleaning.
Off-road equipmentOff-road equipment, such as in the construction and oilfield service industries.

State Tax

The following activities are eligible for state fuel tax refunds only.

Gasoline (Gal.)

Diesel (Gal.)

Private roadsVehicles operating off of public highways, such as on private streets and parking lots. Telogis Fleet Professional reports by Road Type to automate collection of this data.
PTOPower takeoff equipment, such as cement mixers and compactors on refuse trucks. Telogis Fleet reporting can capture fuel use for PTO equipment.
IdlingVehicles while idling. Idling fuel usage can be tracked using Telogis Fleet idle reporting.
Fuel lostFuel stolen, destroyed etc. See: How much fuel are you losing to thieves?
Government agencies & contractorsFederal, state, and local government agencies and their contractors.
Emergency vehiclesEmergency services e.g. Fire, EMT etc.

Federal Tax

The following activities are eligible for federal fuel tax refunds only. Refer to the IRS for more information on recovering Federal fuel tax.

Gasoline (Gal.)

Diesel (Gal.)

DPF regenDiesel particulate filter (DPF) regeneration process.
Bus servicesCertain school bus services and qualified local buses.
HeatingHeating equipment as heating oil.
Government-owned vehiclesHighway vehicles owned by the United States and used off-highway.
Government serviceVehicles exclusively used by a state, political subdivision of a state, or the District of Columbia. If you are a government contractor see state tax rebate above.

Total Fuel Tax Credit Due:

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