Return on investment. It’s a phrase commonly used when describing the benefits of installing an enterprise software solution.

But do actual results, when the software is used by real companies in the real world, prove the truth of these claims? With enterprise software delivering varying degrees of ROI, it pays to review your current software systems and look at ways to squeeze the best return out of it. If you’re shopping for telematics software for your enterprise then it now is the time to make sure you’re looking at a solution that will provide the best return on your investment.

How can you make sure that you are maximizing ROI for your telematics software?

What level of ROI are you currently getting from your enterprise software?

While it is true that most software solutions can deliver some level of ROI, not all software is created equally. Some software only delivers a very low ROI, meaning it takes a long time to recover the cost of purchasing and implementing the software. Other software is highly targeted to lower your costs and boost revenue thus creating a much more positive, and faster, ROI.

For example, Telogis Fleet delivers a positive ROI for most fleets within 120 days, which means the software starts to return a profit beyond this point.

If you currently use Telogis to manage your fleet, what are some ways to return the best value on your investment?

3 ways to get better ROI

  1. Think about your whole business — The Telogis Platform is not limited to just managing your vehicles — it can cover a lot more. All your mobile resources can be managed on this integrated, web-based Platform — remote staff, high-value assets, drivers, depots, key locations, and lots more. In addition, Telogis offers powerful API tools that allow enterprises to integrate the Telogis Platform with other back-office systems (payroll, HR, OMS etc.). Look for ways to reduce unnecessary data entry, paperwork as well as simplifying processes across your entire business.
  2. Get your staff involved — Several of the ways businesses get great ROI from telematics involves encouraging productive, responsible, and economical behavior from their staff, using the real-time reports that are generated. Think about ways you can encourage staff to have a positive attitude towards telematics — get them involved and get onside with them. Here are 10 tips on introducing telematics to your mobile business.
  3. Training is an investment in your staff — Training is an excellent way to improve ROI. Training helps your staff to use the software more effectively and take advantage of all the money-saving features it offers. At the same time it also sends a clear signal to your staff that you value them and want to help them enjoy greater job satisfaction. Learn about our range of available training services.

Real fleets are getting real results using Telogis

This discussion on ROI isn’t idle theory. Lots of fleets, from small businesses to Fortune 1000 companies, are enjoying significant cost savings and improved productivity after implementing a Telogis solution.

Metal distributor Namasco, shared their story with us, highlighting how their fleet saved half a million dollars in their first year of installing a Telogis solution.

If you already use Telogis to manage your mobile resources then we can assist you to make sure you are getting the best return on your investment, using the above suggestions to fine-tune your setup and get even more from your location-based intelligence. Contact us today and let us know how we can help!

If you’re considering software for your fleet, such as fleet management systems, work order management, dispatch, logistics, route planning, mobile resource management, and other location-based applications that harness the power of GPS, then find out how you can get maximum ROI in the shortest amount of time with the powerful, single platform, web-based software from Telogis.

With software that pays for itself, it’s an easy choice. And the sooner you implement, the sooner you can start saving on costs while improving safety, efficiency, and productivity. See how it works for yourself with a free demonstration — book online today!