Corporate waste is more than just an environmental issue; it’s about the economy too. Companies that promote the careful use of resources are often far more likely to survive the lean times. Conversely, those businesses in the habit of indulging corporate excesses can quickly begin to struggle, unable to ride out the troughs of a see-sawing economy.

So how can fleet management software assist mobile workforces to minimize corporate wastage, and help the business to be a corporate survivor despite a down economy?

Identify then eliminate corporate waste

It’s helpful to identify first what is being wasted before implementing an action plan to cut back on corporate waste.

To illustrate, the trash American households throw out is referred to as Municipal Solid Waste (MSW). Records kept from 1980 through to 2010 showed that while the amount of MSW had increased substantially in that time, actual landfill percentages had dropped sharply. In 1980 around 90% of trash became landfill. By 2010 that had dropped to just over 50%. The effect of these improved recovery rates on carbon emissions was equivalent to taking five million cars off the road for a whole year.

How was this possible?

The key to reducing landfill (or pure waste) was to identify what was being thrown out and take appropriate action to recover or reuse the materials, whether it was paper, metal or plastics.

You can do the same with your own business. Use fleet management software to identify what is being “thrown out” and then develop an action plan to see what can be recovered. Here are five ways that fleet management software can help your mobile business to operate more efficiently and with less corporate waste.

Five ways to ‘trims the fat’ using location intelligence

Telogis Fleet is designed to maximize productivity with the resources you have. The cost-saving and environmental benefits are significant.

1. Asset utilization

Vehicles and other similar assets are a big investment. If they’re not being used effectively they quickly become a bad investment, with fixed maintenance and registration costs eating into any profit they return. Telogis Fleet usage reports can identify assets no longer needed so you can dispose of them, or redirect underutilized assets to a site or application where they may be more productive. Dispatch can also make sure they are sending the most economical vehicle appropriate to the job, creating additional savings.

2. Excessive idling

This waste of fuel can quickly add up, particularly across a large fleet. Telogis Fleet can report on incidents of idling exceeding a given threshold to help you cut back fuel expenses. Find out just how much fuel your fleet is burning and start saving today!

3. Out-of-route miles

Drivers taking the long way — either out of laziness, extending the job or hoping for overtime — results in excessive fuel consumption, extra wear and tear on vehicles and labor costs. Telogis Progression can help you compare optimized routes with the actual route taken and identify wasted miles.

4. Unnecessary maintenance

In some fleets it’s common to maintain fleet vehicles at arbitrary intervals, even if it’s not actually needed. Fleets owners are wasting a lot of money pouring good oil down the drain. Telogis Fleet allows maintenance managers to schedule vehicles based on the actual condition of the vehicle, such as mileage or engine hours.

5. Fuel spend

Sadly it appears some fleet employees take advantage of their employers trust to use fleet fuel cards or in-house fuel depots to top off personal vehicles. Fuel card fraud costs fleets thousands of dollars annually in misappropriated fuel. The Telogis Fuel Module is designed to not only alert managers to any suspicious card use, but also offers additional fuel saving benefits including network discounts and exception reports that highlight vehicles performing below their expected MPG and other anomalies.

Take action now to make a big difference

Taking action is always the hard part. The benefits are appealing but sometimes it seems like too much effort to put it into action. Telogis is happy to assist your fleet to make the move to telematics and advise on the steps involved. We can even put you in contact with other fleets that have been through the same process — the planning, implementation, staff adoption and reporting aspects of installing fleet management software.

Take that first step now and get in touch with us to register your interest — we’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have. And every fleet, no matter how small, that switches to a solution that reduces corporate waste is making a big contribution to minimizing wasteful practices that are harming both the planet and our economy.