eld-mandate-2015-faqsThe first step is to make sure you understand the changes. There is a lot of talk in the industry about ELDs and not all of it is based on fact. Browse our series of articles on the ELD mandate or contact us directly with your questions. The FMCSA has also published details on the ELD ruling.

When you have a clear picture of what the ELD mandate will require of your fleet, you’re in a better position to draw up a plan of how you will transition to ELD compliance.

The next step is to choose an ELD supplier. As the compliance deadline approaches there are likely to be more new entrants into the marketplace. Simply going with what appears to the easiest or cheapest option could create problems in the future. What if the supplier goes out of business? What if they can’t provide you with updates needed to stay compliant? What if you experience frequent issues with the hardware?

Telogis has been in the connected vehicle business since 2001, and works with some of the world’s largest mobile workforces and specialize in compliance solutions. We have partnerships with vehicle and equipment manufacturers including Ford, GM, Hino, Volvo Trucks, Mack, Manitowoc Cranes and Isuzu that give you the advantage of built-in certified logging devices that are backed by a factory warranty.