Adding fleet vehicles? Get GPS tracking telematics included.

In the past getting telematics for your fleet was often a complicated process. Aftermarket hardware installations, rewiring vehicles, downtime, registration of vehicles with your fleet management software, more downtime while …
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5 ways fleet management software can stop corporate waste

Corporate waste is more than just an environmental issue; it’s about the economy too. Companies that promote the careful use of resources are often far more likely to survive the …
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Four reasons why a Green Fleet is important

Going green is good right? Reducing your dependence on finite fossil fuels, minimizing the impact of ongoing price hikes at the pump and limiting the emission of climate-changing gases? Why …
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How can you help your fleet reduce its carbon footprint

We hear the phrase “carbon neutral”, “carbon footprint” or “carbon emissions” used frequently when referring to a business’s environmental responsibility, or government legislation aimed at stemming the tide of global …
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