Industry Trends

Without GPS tracking rental firms are losing money on idle cranes

Cranes don’t come cheap. Even for a used tower crane you won’t get much change out of $250,000. So it makes sense (and cents) to ensure you’re getting the best …
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Customer Waiting – How much is it costing you?

You spend a lot of money on marketing, advertising and other ways to promote your brand, but could you be destroying it all by keeping your customers waiting?

Customer …
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How robust is your OGM telematics software?

Most industries today have a certain level of risk associated with them, but very few would match the danger and risk that companies in the oil, gas and mining (OGM) …
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A Positive View of Telematics

Fleet owners know that GPS-based systems are a good decision for their business but sometimes they hold back, fearing a negative reaction from employees. Some staff feel these systems might …
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What is a green fleet?

Businesses large and small are becoming more environmentally aware. They realize the public at large are looking to support organizations that are going green or have ‘go green’ policies. Fleet …
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Tips on How to Successfully Deploy Employee GPS Tracking

Successfully deploying a GPS-based fleet tracking solution requires more than just reliable technology; your employees need to buy into the system as well. As with any operational change, your employees …
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Avoid GPS Frustration Due to Problems with GPS Software

In this day and age there are all sorts of rages that you can find yourself being party to — road rage, airport rage, queue rage at the store or …
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How are fleet managers using social media?

It’s interesting to see how businesses around the world have made peace with social media. Once viewed as a meaningless time-waster and blocked from most offices, it is now being …
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Fleet managers’ rapid adoption of mobile devices

Recent surveys have pointed to a rise in fleet managers using smartphone applications. Why the sudden upsurge in smartphone use and will this trend have a significant impact on how …
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Driving – One of the most dangerous jobs on the oilfield

You might think there are jobs on an oil or gas field that are a lot more dangerous than driving.

These guys are working with menacing equipment, hazardous chemicals and …
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