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Fleet Safety Solutions Under CSA Compliance

One of the three cornerstones of CSA 2010 is measurement. It is the first stage of the 3 phase process designed to make our roads safer by isolating unsafe commercial …
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How GPS Utility Fleet Management Software Can Help

Call outs are a big part of the business when you’re a utility company. And often you have little or no warning when the next one will be.

How …
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Crane Hire Specialists now lifting higher with Telogis OEM telematics

There’s an old expression that you should ‘let the machines do the heavy lifting’. We all know that it means you shouldn’t wear yourself out doing something that a machine …
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How do I become a green fleet?

Green fleet — What is it and how do I “go green”?

So, you think it’s time your fleet changed colors and became “green”. But what exactly does it mean …
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Enterprise Telematics – Choosing the Right Solution

GPS fleet tracking, as part of the telematics industry, is possibly one of the most underutilized tools for managing and reducing costs in large, enterprise companies.

However, as Bob …
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Reduce Insurance Costs by using Insurance GPS Tracking

When you’re in business, there are two ways to make more money — increase revenue or reduce expenses. In a down economy or when new business is in short supply, …
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What are the benefits of an integrated telematics platform?

The growth of big data is exploding and it’s impacting fleets around the world, and not just at an enterprise level. Estimates are that in just a few years we …
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Avoiding information overload – A survival guide for fleet managers

Living in the information age has its perks. Finding the answer to that movie trivia question that’s been bothering you or reading a review of a mobile phone you want …
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Making your Telogis fleet solution fit – API Integration

When you buy software off the shelf, it doesn’t always fit your organization’s IT infrastructure exactly. You may need it to integrate, or at least communicate, with your CRM, ERP, …
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3 Ways Technology is Improving Fleet Safety

Technology, it seems, is a two-edged sword. A growing number of devices are adding to driver distraction and contributing to increasing accident rates. Drivers are juggling smartphones, GPS devices, …
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