Insurance and Location Intelligence: Partners in Safety and Performance

Commercial insurance companies work with telematics providers to help customers improve employee safety and performance, and reduce costs along the way.

In February of 2012, Travelers Insurance announced …
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How to help your fleet cope with the busy season

Many businesses have peak periods, and fleets are no different. Even when fleet operators don’t have their own busy season, their clients often do. For example, food and beverage distributors …
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How optimized are your fleet plans?

We know that a common mistake with many fleet planners is forgetting the feedback loop. By having no way to measure their effectiveness, many fleet plans are more of an …
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How much could benchmarking save your fleet?

Benchmarking, or the process of using a standard to measure performance, is an integral part of effectively managing a business. Benchmarking is a popular method of determining business health, as …
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How liable are you for your drivers?

It can be scary for fleet managers to stop and think about liability, which is one of the primary reasons why they don’t do it very often. But not thinking …
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How does telematics keep your assets secure?

Telematics solutions such as Ford Telematics™ powered by Telogis® are touted extensively as an operational solution: fuel savings, better allocation of resources, efficient routing, etc. One of the greatest benefits …
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How can fleet management help save accommodations costs?

It’s not the first thing a fleet manager will think of when it comes to evaluating fleet management software, but it’s proving to be a valuable cost-saving feature for switched …
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A Positive View of Telematics

Fleet owners know that GPS-based systems are a good decision for their business but sometimes they hold back, fearing a negative reaction from employees. Some staff feel these systems might …
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Helping service firms meet their SLAs

The service industry covers a wide range of different businesses — from pest control to food & beverage deliveries — but one thing they have in common is that their …
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Provide Great Customer Service – Route Management Software

Providing great customer service is a good business decision, but it can have its drawbacks. Sure, your customers love the extra level of service you’re providing, but it comes at …
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