Tips on How to Successfully Deploy Employee GPS Tracking

Successfully deploying a GPS-based fleet tracking solution requires more than just reliable technology; your employees need to buy into the system as well. As with any operational change, your employees …
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Expecting the unexpected – Effective fleet decisions

Fleet owners, managers and drivers all work in a dynamic, ever-changing environment. With so many variables it can prove extremely challenging to make effective decisions, particularly when something crops up …
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Driver Scorecards improve safety and reduce operational costs

If you collected baseball cards as a kid (or maybe still do), the most distinctive attribute of that baseball card after the picture on the front is the statistical data …
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Improve Worker Productivity with Route Optimization Software

Distraction in the workplace is a growing problem. With so many demands on workers, and numerous personal electronic devices interrupting them on a regular basis, many struggle to focus on …
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How GPS Utility Fleet Management Software Can Help

Call outs are a big part of the business when you’re a utility company. And often you have little or no warning when the next one will be.

How …
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Enterprise Telematics – Choosing the Right Solution

GPS fleet tracking, as part of the telematics industry, is possibly one of the most underutilized tools for managing and reducing costs in large, enterprise companies.

However, as Bob …
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Buying a truck? Get telematics included

If you’re considering buying a truck, five trucks or a hundred trucks to add to your fleet, you no doubt have a lot of questions to answer:

Commercial Fleet Vehicle Insurance Costs and Savings

How much do you know about the growing role of telematics in auto insurance? It isn’t new, but it is now going mainstream and is even the subject of national …
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How can your drivers safely navigate bad weather?

When you’re a fleet driver you’re often driving the same route to the point where you know it really well. How long it takes to get from one job to …
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Avoiding information overload – A survival guide for fleet managers

Living in the information age has its perks. Finding the answer to that movie trivia question that’s been bothering you or reading a review of a mobile phone you want …
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