Are your preventative maintenance costs getting too high?

A recent report suggested that while fleet maintenance costs remained relatively flat throughout 2010, the percentage of spend on preventative maintenance had increased significantly. Why are PM (Preventative Maintenance) costs …
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Adding fleet vehicles? Get GPS tracking telematics included.

In the past getting telematics for your fleet was often a complicated process. Aftermarket hardware installations, rewiring vehicles, downtime, registration of vehicles with your fleet management software, more downtime while …
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4 tips for a safer, more secure and more profitable construction business

Construction can be a tough industry to succeed in — tight project deadlines, demanding work conditions and challenging building projects can put stress on a construction company. How have some …
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Do you know how good your drivers really are?

Do you know how good your drivers really are? Here are ten performance indicators you should watch!

We all know there are challenges with managing mobile workers but it’s …
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