How to help your fleet cope with the busy season

Many businesses have peak periods, and fleets are no different. Even when fleet operators don’t have their own busy season, their clients often do. For example, food and beverage distributors …
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How robust is your OGM telematics software?

Most industries today have a certain level of risk associated with them, but very few would match the danger and risk that companies in the oil, gas and mining (OGM) …
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How optimized are your fleet plans?

We know that a common mistake with many fleet planners is forgetting the feedback loop. By having no way to measure their effectiveness, many fleet plans are more of an …
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How much could benchmarking save your fleet?

Benchmarking, or the process of using a standard to measure performance, is an integral part of effectively managing a business. Benchmarking is a popular method of determining business health, as …
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Helping service firms meet their SLAs

The service industry covers a wide range of different businesses — from pest control to food & beverage deliveries — but one thing they have in common is that their …
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Delivery company saves thousands in minutes

Efficient mobile workforce management can make a huge difference to the bottom line for a mobile business, including field service or delivery companies. Just how much it can save, and …
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Five ways your mobile workforce could be using geofencing

If you have a mobile workforce, you’ve likely heard of geofences. If not, this could be one of the biggest advances for your business this year.

Geofences are basically virtual …
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Worker scheduling – The smart way

Why do TV chefs work so quickly? Aside from the “here’s something I prepared earlier” trick, they have everything they need within arm’s reach, often laid out in exactly the …
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Improve Worker Productivity with Route Optimization Software

Distraction in the workplace is a growing problem. With so many demands on workers, and numerous personal electronic devices interrupting them on a regular basis, many struggle to focus on …
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Crane Hire Specialists now lifting higher with Telogis OEM telematics

There’s an old expression that you should ‘let the machines do the heavy lifting’. We all know that it means you shouldn’t wear yourself out doing something that a machine …
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