3 Ways to Get Better ROI

Return on investment. It’s a phrase commonly used when describing the benefits of installing an enterprise software solution.

But do actual results, when the software is used by real …
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Get to the Job Fast with Fleet Scheduling Dispatch Software

For fleet managers, planning and scheduling is sometimes easier said than done. When a client calls with an emergency job that requires special equipment, you’re expected to get the right …
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Auxiliary motors – How much could you be saving?

Many large trucks are equipped with an auxiliary motor, or pony motor as they’re sometimes called. These motors are typically used to power additional equipment on a truck.

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Are your preventative maintenance costs getting too high?

A recent report suggested that while fleet maintenance costs remained relatively flat throughout 2010, the percentage of spend on preventative maintenance had increased significantly. Why are PM (Preventative Maintenance) costs …
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Making your Telogis fleet solution fit – API Integration

When you buy software off the shelf, it doesn’t always fit your organization’s IT infrastructure exactly. You may need it to integrate, or at least communicate, with your CRM, ERP, …
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