Find the latest info on truck-specific closures and exceptions that have been added to Telogis Navigation in the U.S. and Canada

The Telogis Navigation team will continue to provide up-to-date road closures and routing exceptions here as quickly as they can be verified and entered into the system.

We continue to work with local news, weather and DOT teams to make sure that the information we provide is accurate and timely so that you can more effectively and safely route your vehicles during the storm(s).

As of 8am Eastern on Tuesday, Feb 3, all closures have been lifted; there are no further storm-related closures, exceptions or updates that have been added to the Telogis Navigation system


Get updates direct to your device with Telogis Navigation

With Telogis Navigation you can receive the latest updates, including extreme weather, directly to your in-cab navigation device.

Telogis’ commercial navigation tools are custom made for professionals and include features and truck-specific route information you won’t find in consumer products including restricted side streets, last-mile routing, avoiding left turns, custom direction assistance or road feedback from our community of more than 140,000 professionals.

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