With the introduction of the new FMCSA driver distraction laws that prohibit texting while driving, mobile operations managers are quickly finding ways to enforce compliance and avoid fines under the new CSA 2010.

The issue is that the growing requirement for mobile communication and plus the near ubiquity of mobile devices – from tablets to smartphones – in vehicles is creating a conflict of interest for workers who need to stay informed and get the job done without being distracted by the very devices they use for work.

How can operations managers balance the needs of mobile workers yet stay compliant with the new FMCSA requirement?

Promoting fleet safety

Commercial vehicle safety doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a result of company-wide culture and management mandates that puts an emphasis on whether their drivers behave in safe ways, and not on company profits. The company values the well-being of staff and accommodates the extra time required to ensure work tasks are carried out in accordance with strict safety guidelines.

This top-down approach to safety involves the implementation of policies and systems to ensure that every aspect of fleet operations covers the necessary safety requirements – pre-trip inspections, hours of service (HOS), maintenance and driver communication need to be covered to reduce risks.

Many fleets around the world are implementing location intelligent solutions to help maintain a safer environment for their drivers. Safety has always been a key part of the Telogis platform solution that aims to monitor and help to change driver behavior, using onboard software to monitor HOS, vehicle maintenance, unsafe driving such as hard braking or acceleration, seat belt use or speeding.

In order to address the inherent safety concerns around distracted driving and comply with new legislation, Telogis has added a Distracted Driving Solution to help commercial vehicle drivers resist the temptation to use their mobile devices while a vehicle is in motion.

The technology is as an extension of Telogis’comprehensive cloud-based location intelligence software platform that provides dynamic routing, real-time work order management, commercial navigation, telematics and mobile integration services for companies with mobile workforces.

If I can’t text, email or call, how do I keep in touch?

We all know that there are business needs that require mobile workers to have ready access to two-way communications. Work orders, route changes, ad hoc jobs or emergency situations demand that drivers be kept informed and provide necessary feedback to other team members or their supervisors.

Telogis understands the real-world requirements of mobile workers and offers mobile operations an integrated platform solution to address both business efficiency and safety requirements.

Features include:

  • Text-to-speech navigation – With spoken turn-by-turn navigation, your drivers can be guided with safe, accurate and legally compliant directions to their exact destination – without taking their eyes off the road.
  • PND messaging – Communicate directly with a driver’s in-cab device with electronic canned messages and custom forms for real-time driver polling.
  • Larger screen size – Run your Telogis solution on an Android or iOS-powered tablet equipped with a larger screen size. This helps your drivers to keep their eyes on the road when receiving new instructions, messages or directions.

Learn more about the Telogis platform of solutions designed to keep your mobile workers safe and compliant – while remaining connected – at all times.