eld-deviceThe Electronic Logging Device (or ELD) mandate is getting people in the business talking and, even among experienced drivers and fleet owners, there’s a lot of confusion and questions about what it all means.

When does it take effect? What changes does this mean for my fleet? When do I have to comply by? Why do we need to change at all?

Without over-simplifying the issue, the change is essentially replacing paper HOS log books (also referred to as RODS – Record of Duty Status, as required under DOT 395.8) with an electronic system that is built into the truck to automatically log driving hours. However, as with any new legislation, there are multiple changes over time as lobby groups clamor to have their input on the changes.

eld-mandate-2015-faqsWe’ve brought together a collection of the more common questions you likely have about ELDs. Wherever you see the ELD Mandate 2015 logo, click it to see the full list of ELD-related articles. Each article has the option to post your own comments or questions at the bottom – our experts would be happy to do their best to answer your questions.

We are following the development of the ELD mandate with great interest. While we currently offer AOBRD electronic logging devices that are compatible with DOT 395.15 legislation (and will continue to be compliant until November 2019) we will be developing a full ELD-compliant solution as soon as the final ruling is published.