It’s interesting to see how businesses around the world have made peace with social media. Once viewed as a meaningless time-waster and blocked from most offices, it is now being embraced as the new way for businesses to connect with their customers.

In fact, some in the business have started referring to social media as “real-time” media, to highlight the shift from social chit-chat to an official corporate communication channel.

Fleets making good use of social media

So what about the fleet industry? Has social media passed us by? How are fleet owners using social media to stay in touch with others in the industry and connect with clients?

One example of workers in the fleet, logistics and transport industry making good use of social media are truck drivers. While it might not be at the scale of trying to initiate social revolutions in Egypt, it was significant for those involved, and the social element made it easy for like-minded staff in the industry to easily join the cause and add their voice.

Truckers as a group have been hit hard in recent times with the global recession, rising fuel costs and lower wages, as well as rumors of massive job losses with the introduction of CSA 2010. Under pressure and feeling like there was nowhere else to turn, many truckers took to social media to air their feelings and seek answers about the industry’s future and their own job security.

The results were positive, with social media helping to unite drivers, and allowing them to become more involved and educated on the issues and the options available to them, including the possibility of finding different work in the industry.

In one particular case, Arrow Trucking collapsed and left hundreds of drivers stranded, unable to use company fuel cards. Within hours, a Facebook page had been set up and fellow drivers organized to help drivers who wanted to get home for Christmas, as well as providing offers for work. Within a short time the page had 1,000 members, and now has more than 6,500, which highlights the power and speed of using social media to promote a cause and get people involved.

Whether it’s Twitter, YouTube, Facebook or LinkedIn, the goal is the same: engage with your tribe, whatever tribe that is. Fleet managers, VPs or drivers can all benefit from comparing notes with others in the industry, even the competition. You don’t have to worry that you’ll get roped into a stuffy online chatroom, debating who the third gunman was on the grassy knoll. Social media has moved on from those days of exclusive cliques on hard-to-find forums; it’s now open to the masses and a lot more user-friendly.

If you’re brand new to social media it pays to do a little homework on what to do and blunders to avoid — mistakes that could ruin your social media experience.

Telogis is part of the social media scene

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